IBOR Transition – Case Manager

The role of the Case Manger (“CM”) is to plan and lead client specific IBOR transition journeys. Typically to support Relationship Managers (“RM”) through the early stage documentation (such as term sheets) through to the negotiation of key finance documents (such as facility agreements) and ensuring a successful completion of a migration from LIBOR benchmark to SOFR.


  • Primarily providing support for US lending clients and RMs
  • Leading aspects of loan execution, including advising on a structure of a transaction, explaining common risks (both commercial and legal) associated with certain transaction and project managing the deal team to ensure client remains “Best in Class”
  • Responsible for managing a number of LIBOR Transition cases, where a case is defined as an existing LIBOR referencing facility which must be amended to reference an agreed alternative reference rate and minimizing the value transfer between the parties to the contract by the end of 2021
  • Ensure all cases are tracked from start through to completion i.e. loan agreement contract amendment is signed and facility rebooked on the relevant loan servicing platform
  • Become an expert of Risk Free Rate Loan market conventions, interest rate calculation methodology(s) and client's standard commercial terms related to RFR loans
  • Responsible for coordination across product providers and ensuring linked transactions e.g. a loan hedging derivative is appropriately amended as agreed with the customer
  • Lead both bilateral and multi-bank loan transactions which may include co-ordinating a ‘club’ arrangement and/or acting as the doc’s co-ordinator
  • Interpreting legal advice and explaining impact to RMs and clients
  • Negotiating and agreeing the terms of the LMA facility agreement, ensuring it’s in compliance with (i) the Bank’s internal policy, (ii) relevant credit approvals and (iii) common market practices
  • Obtaining dispensations from certain parts of the business, including legal and portfolio management, when certain terms are not in compliance with Bank policy
  • Leading all parties calls with the support of the relevant RM
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with 3rd party legal firms
  • Attending, team meetings to discuss, amongst other things, best practices, unique deal specific points and team/wider goals and objectives
  • Provision of excellent client service while adhering to the HSBC Credit Policy and operational integrity.
  • Ensure the case management team operates in accordance with the Bank’s internal lending and other guidelines, controls and procedures and also in line with any external regulatory requirements
  • Support the Bank’s overall Best Place to Bank, Work and Invest strategies
  • In conjunction with the Head of Transition. Track migration activity to the UK CMB/GB LIBOR transition programme plan and co-ordinate the capture of directed MI

  • Relevant product knowledge including knowledge of LMA loan documentation. Understand the MiFID classification in particular SME/MME/LC
  • Experience working in relevant environments
  • Experience working in relevant market/context, i.e. Loans Market
  • Experience of using relevant software packages, i.e. Word
  • Willingness to undertake the training/study required in this role
  • Relevant knowledge of loan transactions
  • Experience working in relevant environments/role, i.e. Loans Execution and project management is desirable
  • A desire to find ways to continually improve processes and client service delivered to customer
  • Set and achieved challenging short, medium and long term goals which exceeded the standards in their field
  • A flexible and adaptable management style with experience of developing yourself and others.
  • The ability to work autonomously and track 3rd party/Line of business “Hand offs”
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills; an ability to communicate with impact, ensuring complex information is articulated in a meaningful way to wide and varied audiences
  • Contributing productively to team objectives, sometimes supporting and sometimes leading activities to achieve shared goals
  • A track record of making complex business decisions with authority, even in times of ambiguity, considering the potential long term risks and implications
  • Experience of successfully structuring complex business lending deals, accounting for the associated risks and regulations
  • A comprehensive understanding of risk management and proven experience of ensuring own/others' compliance with relevant regulatory processes
  • Understand business and change improvement and seamlessly work alongside change practitioners