Software Engineer (Backend/Data) *Fully Remote*

As a Software Engineer focused on backend + data engineering, you will have a significant role in shaping the evolution of our client's primary product offerings. You will have the opportunity to contribute on backend web development (TypeScript Node.js) as well as on web scraping (Python + Scrapy) and ETL (Python or Scala + Airflow). You will be among the first non-founding engineering hires and will thus have a meaningful opportunity to grow into engineering leadership (or principal individual contributorship, depending on your preference).


  • Experience building production-quality code as part of an engineering team
  • Strong on accountability, organization, and collaborativeness
  • Focused on building and shipping product, passionate about building a business
  • Advanced Python AND/OR Scala
  • Strong SQL (Postgres) and object store (MongoDB) experience

  • Apache Airflow experience
  • TypeScript (or JavaScript) + Node.js experience
  • Production-level web scraping experience (Python + Scrapy preferred)
  • Proficient in DevOps/Cloud Infra (we use AWS)
  • Familiarity with finance/fintech a plus, but by no means required