We bridge the gap between employers and job seekers across the U.S while focusing on what we know best – Financial Services. Employers who need talented candidates for a job or project, and on the other hand Job Seekers, in search of a fitting job to apply and grow their skills. We have you covered on all fronts.

Our Specializations

Financial Services focus covering Corporate & Investment Banking, Wholesale/Retail Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, and Commercial Banking. Explore our staffing expertise spanning across:

Engagement Models




Right To Hire

direct placement

Direct Placements


  • Work for and with a company that values and recognizes your true skills, talent, and experiences - “TheStaffed Asset"
  • Provides a pathway to new, challenging and exciting opportunities (diverse client base and scope of work/projects) - “TheStaffed Commitment"
  • Be part of a experienced, smart, fun, and talented peer group (learn from experiences of team members) - “The Staffed Network”
  • Engage in a variety of company sponsored learning and development opportunities, and hands-on leadership and mentoring - “TheStaffed Culture"
  • We treat candidates as human capital and not a transaction - “TheStaffed Difference"


  • Combined executive and talent acquisition team stemming from industry, and consulting and technology background/experience - "we don’t push paper/resumes"
  • We know and understand what our client business, positioning us to understand detailed requirements and match candidates with the right mix of skills, and experience
  • Practice a personable approach to transparently understand candidate skills and experience, and further assess candidate fit for job requirements and company culture
  • Diligent candidate screening/vetting process and qualification (pre-screening via interviews, customizable tests, and relevant questionnaire’s etc.)
  • Dedicated account, relationship, and recruiting team that understands your environment, culture and growing needs
  • We treat candidates as human capital and not a transaction - “TheStaffed Difference"

“The team at TheStaffed really places emphasis on my success both while on project and longer term career goals/aspirations.”

TheStaffed Employee

"The relationship management team at TheStaffed has the experience and knowledge to understand our holistic requirements, and applies the right due-diligence standards to make the selection process simple. "

TheStaffed Client

“TheStaffed team has done an incredible job in helping me land a dream opportunity. Throughout the entire interview process, the team was informative, transparent, and supportive. They made the interview experience worry-free."

Direct Placement

"It feels like I’m signing up for an adventure and a job that’s going to change my life and my career. I couldn’t be more excited, thanks to TheStaffed."

Direct Placement

“I was contacted by TheStaffed recently for an exciting opportunity at a Hedge Fund, the team at TheStaffed guided me through the entire interview process, and was also always available through emails/texts and phone calls. TheStaffed team went above and beyond by even walking me through the email writing process of how I should follow-up with my interviewers and wished me good luck before every interview. The experience was far superior than any other recruiter I’ve had a chance to work with. I would strongly recommend TheStaffed to anyone, whether you are an experienced hire, or just starting out your career, you’re in good hands.”

Direct Placement