What We Do

Our Foundation & Principle

Stem from a career in Management Consulting and Financial Services, our core foundation is based on one simple principle - approximately 70% of Consulting Services delivered by top and middle-tier firms is in fact Execution Consulting i.e., “Staffing”. Most clients, executives and hiring managers typically know what needs to get done, have a mandate to complete the project/initiative in a certain time frame, budget, and need contingent/temporary staff to support a variety of day-to-day activities. Then why turn to the big brand consulting firms, when you're not seeking advisory services and simply smart, knowledgeable and experienced resources for the job. Why pay the premium in bill rates across seniority levels when you can get the equivalent and better talent for a fraction of the spend.

In addition, traditional staffing models/agencies, give you just the extra lift in the form of resources, and though these resources may be equipped with a related background, experience and skill-set, they merely perform the job as independent contributors with no sense of belonging, culture, a peer network, learning/development opportunities, and no management/leadership oversight.

  • Hight Quality & Talented Staff
  • Dedicated Time-to-Market Sourcing Delivery
  • Higher Pay (for Staff), Reduced Bill Rates (for clients)
  • Culture, Network, Leadership & Oversight

At the TheStaffed, our vision is to promote a culture that brings together traditional management consulting and contingent workforce staffing. We strive to foster an environment where equal emphasis is placed on our clients - their success, and our staff - their professional and personal well-being. In addition, honesty and transparency with candidates and clients helps us keep our quality standards high, resulting in - faster candidate job matching, happy candidates and satisfied clients all along. Routine feedback to pipeline candidates (positive, negative, and or neutral) also stands us apart from traditional “recruiting and staffing agencies".


  • Work for and with a company that values and recognizes your true skills, talent, and experiences - “TheStaffed Asset"
  • Provides a pathway to new, challenging and exciting opportunities (diverse client base and scope of work/projects) - “TheStaffed Commitment"
  • Be part of a experienced, smart, fun, and talented peer group (learn from experiences of team members) - “The Staffed Network”
  • Engage in a variety of company sponsored learning and development opportunities, and hands-on leadership and mentoring - “TheStaffed Culture"
  • We treat candidates as human capital and not a transaction - “TheStaffed Difference"


  • Combined executive and talent acquisition team stemming from industry, and consulting and technology background/experience - "we don’t push paper/resumes"
  • We know and understand what our client business, positioning us to understand detailed requirements and match candidates with the right mix of skills, and experience
  • Practice a personable approach to transparently understand candidate skills and experience, and further assess candidate fit for job requirements and company culture
  • Diligent candidate screening/vetting process and qualification (pre-screening via interviews, customizable tests, and relevant questionnaire’s etc.)
  • Dedicated account, relationship, and recruiting team that understands your environment, culture and growing needs
  • We treat candidates as human capital and not a transaction - “TheStaffed Difference"

Our Specializations

Financial Services focus covering Corporate & Investment Banking, Wholesale/Retail Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, and Commercial Banking. Explore our staffing expertise spanning across:

  • Corporate Strategy Operating Model, and Transformations
  • Data Science (Governance, Data Analytics, and Data Remediation)
  • Risk, Regulatory and Compliance
  • Business Process Improvement and Optimization
  • Organizational Change Management, and Human Resources
  • Front, Middle and Back-Office Operations
  • Finance, Accounting, and Reconciliations
  • Technology Innovation (Robotics Process Automation, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Digital Transformation
  • Application Development & QA/Testing
  • Database
  • Infrastructure Transformation and Management
  • Cloud Migration & Management (DevOps, SysOps etc.)
  • Customer Experience
  • Cyber Security (Mobile, Infrastructure, and Cloud)
  • Business Analysts & Senior Analysts Covering All Areas of Business & Operations
  • Project/Program Managers Covering All Areas of Business & Operations, and Technology
  • Administrative & Clerical

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