About Us

About Us

At TheStaffed our mission is to bring together traditional management consulting and contingent workforce staffing solutions. We provide professional staffing services backed by our experienced leadership team, industry differentiating value levers - time to market, quality commitment, focus on culture, cost savings, support model, and resource learning & development opportunities. We strive to cultivate an environment where equal importance is placed on our clients'- their success, and our staff- their professional and personal growth.

The entire TheStaffed team takes pride in our differentiating value levers and core principles. Positive feedback and testimonials from clients, employees, and candidates continue to re-enforce the same.

To embrace and promote a culture that brings together traditional management consulting and contingent workforce staffing. We want to foster an environment where equal importance is placed on our clients – their success, and our staff – their professional and personal growth.

  • Dedicated relationship manager point-of-contact for project, staff feedback and escalations.
  • Inter client networking events to discuss relevant industry hot topics.
  • Industry relevant networking events.
  • Peer-to-peer networking events to promote cross team and cross project collaboration and support structure.
  • Corporate events to promote culture, recognition and sense of belonging.
  • Industry relevant networking events.

Financial Services Focus

TheStaffed specializes only in Financial Services and providing skilled professionals with current or past industry experience.

Speed & Efficiency

We leverage industry leading tools to help you find the right fit for your business quickly.

Quality First

Customized search and interview criteria curated to deliver a fully vetted and high quality candidate pool.

Cost Savings

We help you minimize your cost in the form of reduced bill rates by eliminating internal burden and bureaucracies.

Focus on Culture

With a unified vision we foster work culture and promote a feeling of belonging among staff and clients.

Learning & Development

We offer our staff with unparalleled up-skilling opportunities along with industry and peer-to-peer networking forums.

  • Opportunities identified by hiring manager relationships or through client MSP's
  • Confirm detailed job requirements, and interview criteria including corporate, cultural and overall team fit
  • Draft customized search strategy and customized interview template
  • Leverage internal applicant database, public (job boards), and personal network to identify potential candidate pool
  • Vett candidates via thorough interview process and reference checks
  • Shortlist candidates for submission/consideratin
  • Submit vetted candidate(s) profile along with customized interview report(s), and references
  • Interview co-ordination and preparation (candidate)
  • Accelerated contract execution and on-boarding
  • Prepare/train candidate for Day 1 and level set performance expectations
  • Execution support (SME, tools/templates, other)
  • Routine hiring manager and staff check-points
  • Formal and frequent feedback solicitation
  • Upskilling/training (set budget) as needed
  • Professional and social networking events

Engagement Models




Right To Hire

direct placement

Direct Placements

“The team at TheStaffed really places emphasis on my success both while on project and longer term career goals/aspirations.”

TheStaffed Employee

"The relationship management team at TheStaffed has the experience and knowledge to understand our holistic requirements, and applies the right due-diligence standards to make the selection process simple. "

TheStaffed Client

“TheStaffed team has done an incredible job in helping me land a dream opportunity. Throughout the entire interview process, the team was informative, transparent, and supportive. They made the interview experience worry-free."

Direct Placement

"It feels like I’m signing up for an adventure and a job that’s going to change my life and my career. I couldn’t be more excited, thanks to TheStaffed."

Direct Placement