Software Engineer (Full-Stack/Front-End) *Fully Remote*

As a Software Engineer, you will have a significant role in shaping the evolution of our client's primary product offerings. You will have the opportunity to work across the stack (TypeScript React on the front-end, TypeScript Node.js on the backend). You will be among the first non-founding engineering hires and will thus have a meaningful opportunity to grow into engineering leadership (or principal individual contributorship, depending on your preference).


  • Experience building production-quality code as part of an engineering team
  • Strong on accountability, organization, and collaborativeness
  • Focused on building and shipping product, passionate about building a business
  • Advanced TypeScript (or JavaScript) + React
  • MongoDB experience

  • Server-Side Rendering experience (Next.js or Gatsby.js)
  • Python experience
  • SQL (Postgres) experience
  • Familiarity with finance/fintech a plus, but by no means required