Trying to find a new job? So are millions of other Americans.

Advancing your career is a competitive process. To stay ahead of the competition, you must master some essentials as a job candidate.

Of course, one of these essentials is excelling at interviews. By facilitating a successful conversation, you set yourself apart from other candidates as a uniquely qualified worker.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll list some key interviewing dos and don’ts that will help you shine during your next job interview!

What to Do During an Interview

If an interview is coming up, prepare thoroughly. That way, you can offer a fantastic first impression and sustain it with a highly productive conversation.

1. Do Your Homework

Research the company of the job you’re interviewing for, gaining a good understanding of their services, achievements, and values. This shows employers that you’re willing to fully embrace and passionately carry out the company’s mission.

2. Prepare Questions for the Interviewer

When it’s time to ask questions, have several inquiries prepared. This shows interviewers that you’re fully interested and engaged in the opportunity. It’s also a great way to indulge your own curiosity and ask for further details about workplace culture, future goals, and more.

3. Send a Follow-Up Email

A follow-up email indicates that you hold a considerable amount of interest in the role. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your engagement with the conversation and to elaborate on your interest in the company’s mission. So don’t pass up the chance to send this critical thank-you message that could give you an edge.

What NOT To Do During an Interview

Interviews can quickly go sour with the wrong quip and conversational technique. Knowing what interviewing habits to avoid is essential.

1. Mention Salary and Benefits

When asked why you applied for the job, do not mention a role’s promised salary and benefits. Doing so tells interviewers that you might be coming into work just to cash in, not prioritize company goals and support your teammates. Instead of discussing the role’s monetary benefits, stick to speaking about your interest in the company’s mission. 

2. Lie About Skills and Qualifications

Being honest about your job history and qualifications indicates integrity. Even if you manage to get hired for a role you’re not qualified for, you’ll face trouble while attempting to acclimate to your duties. Employers can even fire you if they prove you’ve embellished your experience and qualifications.

3. Become Discouraged

Getting career opportunities isn’t always an easy journey. But it’s still productive to interview even if you don’t get the job. If you learn from your mistakes, you can hone your interviewing skills and become an even more lucrative candidate!

Follow These Interviewing Tips Dos and Donts!

Interviewing is hard. But by understanding some vital interviewing tips dos and don’ts, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently excel at your interviews!

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